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  • Stepless Velocity for any virtual instrument
  • More Dynamics for your Arrangements and Mixes
  • For Reaktor Player (Native Instruments)

47,00 €

There are no limits to your dynamics!

CALDO simulates the intensity for any kind of audio signal. This creative effect increases the dynamic spectrum and adds depth in your arrangements, sound design and mixes.

You can design the velocity of your instruments with CALDO. It is NKS compatible and all important parameters are automatable. You can control the velocity with your MIDI controller.

Intensity instead of gain

There is more than gain differences between different velocities of an instrument. CALDO uses eight high quality effect modules to simulate a wide range of velocities. You can control the intensity with only one central fader - stepless!

CALDO contains 64 practical presets and is quite adaptable. Easy to use, intuitive and flexible.


No more limits to your dynamics!

Get CALDO now. 

47,00 €

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8 high quality effect modules - Controlled by one Slider!

CALDO simulates stronger intensities with the red effect modules Emphasis, Transient Boost, Hypobass, Distortion, Noise and Compressor. Gentle intensities can be designed with the blue modules Filter and Transient Cut on the bottom side of the plugin. Every effect module has two main parameters and three more advanced parameters.


CALDO Tutorials

These videos have english subtitles and give you a quick start with CALDO.


This is a 12 minute overview about the most important functions.

Velocity on the modwheel

You learn how to connect your keyboard's modwheel to CALDO.


The installation of CALDO in 1,5 min with Native Access.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12 or 10.13 (current update), i5 or
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (current Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU,
  • 4 GB RAM,
  • free Reaktor Player or Reaktor (Native Instruments) version 6.3 or higher,
  • the activation requires an internet connection.
  • Supported as Standalone, VST, AU (only Mac), AAX for Mac OS X (only 64 -bit) and Windows (32/64-bit).


Get a quick and practical guide about all functions in CALDO within 20 pages.